'CREAM' Ripplefold Drapes (Beige)


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'Cream' by Curtain Era.

Simple is the new sophisticated! These curtains are easy in the easy with its plain look that falls into flawless drapes. It’s a great choice to leave the impression of subtle and serene in your any room.

Our Privacy Lining is included with all curtains and shades except sheers at no extra cost.

* 50% Polyester and 50% Linen
* GSM 315

* Dry Clean Only.
* Price for the single curtain panel, not pair.
* No hardware included with curtains.

Tip 1: Plain Heading - We suggest you that if your drape shaft is 36 inches wide, do not use two panels of 18 inches rather try opting for two panels which are 36 inches each This will help you to get a lavish fall of your curtains. On the off chance that your curtain shaft is 36 inches wide and you request curtains that are likewise 36 inches wide in and out, they will be totally levelled without any creases.

You have to measure the width from the left to the right corner. Once the measurement is done, give us the measurement by adding 4 to 5 inches in that estimate. This will make you curtains look more silky when hanged.

Tip 2: Pleated Heading - To measure the exact width of your drapery shaft/track you have to add approximately 8 inches to the measured estimate. This ought to be the finalized width of your curtains. For instance, to cover a shaft of width 40 inches, we suggest all out the width of the panel to be 48 inches (40" + 8").

Need more help with measurements? Read our CURTAIN MEASUREMENT GUIDE.

Not sure which heading style to choose? Read our HEADING STYLE GUIDE.


We offer free delivery of all the products at your home. Therefore, we have no shipping charges.


Specifically talking about the Curtains, Shades, Valances & Dining Linen we dispatch them within 10 business days once you place your order. You will surely receive your order within 5 days of dispatching.

We make sure that the order is delivered as soon as possible and our most of the clients receive their order within 2 weeks too but during the busy season, due to the load of work your order may be delivered within 3-4 weeks so do not hurry and let us do our work patiently as we make no compromise on the quality.

In case, we are short of fabric or any other reason prevailing due to which your order is getting late we will write to you at our earliest convenience. But this mostly happens in rare cases, so you do not have to worry.

Trust us and leave the rest on us!

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